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Do You Struggle With Marketing?

  • Do You Struggle to Communicate Your Message?
  • Are You Struggling to Get Leads?
  • Does Facebook and Google Ads Give You a Headache?
  • Did Your Last Marketing Campaign Fail?
  • Are you confused why people are not buying your product?
  • Do you wish you had a proven formula that can bring in new customers every day?

Most marketers struggle with the same questions. You’re not alone and we can help!

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If you understand human bahaviour and communicate clearly with stories, you can sell anything worth selling - Antony Chacko, Founder @ Alpha Marketer.


Hook Your Customers  

Create clear message that your audience cannot ignore


Learn the Formula that Sells  

Effortlessly make your prospects say "Yes" to buy your product


Become a Marketing Genius Watch your business grow profitably without any guesswork

What People are Saying About the Genius Communication Formula

Nish Bhutani

"Antony is rare combination of a marketing strategist and a hands-on executor. His starting point is deep insights about the customer or segment, which he leverages to influence behaviour and outcomes". - Nish Bhutani, Founder & CEO - Indiginus

Jubby Jacob

"Really blown away. If you sell you should pay attention… because it’s the most comprehensive marketing training I have ever seen". - Jubby Jacob - Vice President Sales @Flintobox, Ex Airtel,


"The Formula is a Game Changer! The way Antony has structured it makes it so easy to implement and get results. You should definitely pay attention to this” - Gopal Krishnan, Founder and CEO - Visual Marketer, Author of "The Story Triangle"

The Genius Communication Formula Works for Any Business, Any Price, Anywhere You Sell - Online or Offline

Marketing genius formula course

Learn at Your Own Pace

4 Easy Modules, All the Sales Conversion Secrets.

This powerful formula can be learned at your own pace. With each lesson you will master the art and science of influencing people to buy your product.

No matter what price you sell at and no matter where you sell your product - online or offline, it simply works everywhere.

  •  30+ Easy to Understand Videos
  •  Learn From Anywhere On Any Device
  •  100% Money Back Guarantee

Antony Chacko

About Your Coach

Antony is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Marketer, previously Head of Marketing @ Flintobox. 

Prior to that he was associated with Royal Sundaram General Insurance, Hotcourses India and Tata Consultancy Services. 

With over a decade long Marketing experience in industries like Market research, Insurance, Education, Real Estate and E-commerce, he has built multiple high impact marketing teams from scratch and helped scale businesses reach multi million dollar revenue.  

You are Protected with a 30 Day 100% Money Back Gurantee!

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If you feel like you are not getting 10X the value from the training, send us an email ANYTIME within 30 days, and we'll happily refund your full payment.  

*Money back guarantee is applicable on online courses only. 

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What's My Investment?

  • How much is failed marketing campaigns costing you? 
  • How many potential customers can’t understand your offer? 
  • How many opportunities you are losing in the absence of expert guidance? 
  • How many customers are choosing your competition and not you? 
  • How much are low and inconsistent new customer sales hurting your business and your bank account? 
  • A lack of clarity and guidance may already be costing you a great deal.

What's Inside the Course?

Module 1 - Marketing Psychology

  • The Marketing Superpower
  • Why People Buy?
  • The Psychology of Marketing
  • Why Some Ads Fail and Some Become a Winner?
  • 6 Triggers That Will Make Your Ad a Success
  • The Secret Science the Makes People Buy
  • Sales Secret No.1 - Dopamine
  • Sales Success Secret No.2 - Endorphins
  • Sales Success Secret No.3 - Cortisol
  • Sales Success Secret No.4 - Oxytocin
  • Sales Success Secret No.5 - Serotonin
  • The Reptilian Brain
  • The 6 Principles of Persuasion

Module 2 - Customer Value Journey

  • 9 Step Clicks-to-Customers Formula
  • The 5 Stages of Awareness

Module 3 - Copywriting

  • What is Copywriting?
  • The 3 Rules of Selling
  • 3 Simple Secrets to Write Killer Copy
  • Understanding the Prospect
  • How to Simplify Your Message
  • How to Structure Your Message
  • Video Copy Example
  • Landing Page Copy Example

Module 4 - Business Storytelling

  • The Power of Stories
  • 3 Important Characters of a Winning Story
  • How to Turn Your Marketing Communication into a Story

Putting Them All Together

  • The 8 Step Marketing Genius Formula

Also Included

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Build a Marketing Machine 

Stop wasting money on Marketing that doesn't work. Learn to create a marketing funnel and automate the relationship building process. 

Sales Formula

Sell Effortlessly

The one thing that will solve most problems in your business is Sales. Learn how to make the prospect say "Yes" to buy your product.

All these courses are included (plus new courses will be added regularly) when you enroll for the Academy

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